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Located in the stylish Information Technology Building, the Information Technology Services Center has a large space of 4000 square meters. The administration office and research rooms are on the 1st floor; the personal computer lab, multimedia classroom and office are on the 2nd floor; the 3rd floor has the mainframe and control rooms.
The Information Technology Services Center has one mainframe set, several high-speed workstations, one shared workstation lab for the whole university, and eight PC classrooms placed in every faculty to meet the needs of students from various departments.

PC Classrooms
The PC Classroom adapts LAN connections and can connect to the Internet through Gigabit Ethernet Switches. On PCs, users can increase their working efficiency by using windows and graphic interfaces. The Multimedia Classroom has input and output devices for text, graphics, and audio, providing a fine learning environment for students and teachers to develop information technology skills by themselves.

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