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  Mission and Services


The mission of Multimedia & IT Service Section mainly address on maintaining university main web-site, eLearning systems, electronic official document system, and diverse multimedia systems. We also provide campus licensed software, IT training service, promoting e-work, and computer classroom service.



l   Campus licensed software

l   Campus IC cards

l   Computer skills training

l   Computer classrooms

l   Coping with invalided computers and related equipment

l   eLearning systems

l   Electronic official document system

l   Promoting the IT credentials Service

l   Digital contents archived



Group Leader: Lin.Tsung-Te
 Work Project:
 Manage the database of school administration system

→ ext:2681   |   E-mail: 

Program Designer: Ms. Ho, Fang-ling
˙ Take charge of office documents system maintenance, performance and consultation
˙  campus computer skills training plan and execution
˙ Manage computer classroom with part-time workers in information center
˙ Computer classroom working and managing
˙ Administrative consultation and information provided
→ ext:2682   |   Email

Technical staff: Mr. Wu, Sheng-che
˙ Coping with invalided computers and related equipment
˙ Manage and maintain the Electronic archives system and Learning management system
˙ Manage and maintain the campus licensed software that authorize to teachers and staffs, and anti-virus software that authorize to all teachers, students and staffs
˙ Promoting the IT credentials Service
˙ Campus computer skills training plan and execution
˙ Extension education plan and execution
˙ Workshops plan and execution
˙ Campus computer equipment purchasing and examining
˙ Campus safeguard purchasing and examining
˙ Common campus software Purchasing
˙ Connecting and negotiating business with other administrative divisions
˙ Promoting e-work in campus
˙ Equipment in information purchase and management
˙ Take charge of managing entrance guard in information center
˙ Temporary business about the director’s commands

→ ext:2684    |    Email

Programmer Assistant: Yeh,ching-fang
 Work Project:
 Help design and maintain the website of school and Computer Center
 Service for digital images printing and managing consumables
 Take charge of the temporary affairs

→ ext:2694

Associate Project Engineer: Lin, Po-Hsun
 Work Project:
 Take charge of using, managing and maintaining the equipment of Division of video.
 Take charge of developing the system of school’s homepage 
 Help managing the use of multiple media website.
 Help making a list of each equipment in Division of video and contacting with factories and stores
 Help managing the property of Division of video
 Take charge of the temporary affairs 

→ ext:2693 

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