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  Wireless Network
Wireless Network

setting up YunTech campus wireless network

1. coverage
The coverage of YunTech campus wireless network is included administrative building, information center, library, international conference hall, student activities center, Yun-mong Lake, student restaurants, 7-11, college of management and college of design.

2. equipment requirement
You can use desktop, notebook or PDA to get on line, but you must have wireless network interface card to connect wireless network environment in campus.
3. Setting
(1) Your desktop, notebook or PDA should have 802.11b/g standard wireless network interface  
      card and install related drivers.
(2) You don’t need to change your SSID.If you can’t get on line or be jammed by wireless
      receiver, please change your SSID into ‘YunTech’ so that you can connect network
(3) You don’t need to apply IP address by yourself. You choose ‘DHCP’ to get IP, net mask,
      default gateway and DNS automatically.

4. Approval
Students, faculties and staffs in YunTech have the rights to use wireless network in campus. You need to key in your e-mail address for login name and password to get on line and you should follow the rule of campus network while surfing on interface card and reading out the page again, you will see the picture as below.


After you click “Yes”, the frame displays as below. Please enter your login name(E-mail Account) and password, and then click “Login.”as a registered user.


You should change your SSID into ‘YunTech’.Setting up your network interface card, the step is very important.


You don’t need to change your IP address, computer will get it automatically.

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