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Purpose of Establishment 
The Information Technology Services Center is the hinge of electronic information in our university.Its major roles are to plan and manage the computer and network resources, to support information technology (IT) teaching and research development, to promote the computerization of the university’s administration, to provide on-campus and off-campus IT services, and to help introduce the local information technology education. 
1. Push the university administration system to be computerized
2. Establish a campus knowledge network
3. Integrate the universit’s computer resources
4. Provide IT support to industry and commercial enterprises in central and southern Taiwan
5. Make IT culture widespread in the local area and try to establish the university as the center of a regional network
Division and Duties 
The Information Technology Services Center has one director to handle the center’s business.The concurrent post is invited by the principle from those professors or associate-professors who are specialized in information technology. The organization has the following three divisions: Network, System,Multimedia & IT Service.Their jobs are as follows:

1. Systems Section: This section develops and maintains the university’s administration  information system .

2. Networking Section: This is in charge of the university’s computer network management,mainframe handling, user management, information registration and storage work.

3. Multimedia and IT Service Section: It is responsible for managing administration, holding various lectures, promoting e-learning, managing the university’s home site, and making of multimedia design.

Future Plan 
Due to good planning when building the university, the Information Technology Services Center has sufficient space to provide efficient information technology lectures, research and services to the whole university. Through the “Campus Network”, each department can conveniently use the high-speed mainframe and workstation groups and exchange information with people within the campus, off-campus, and abroad. Also, professors and students can connect directly with the campus computer from their office or home PC.Every department or division in the university can efficiently access or look up information on the internet. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our center connects teachers from every department with local industry and integrates cable TV networks to promote distance learning in remote districts such as LiuChing. In addition, the Information Technology Services Center provides consultation services to the commercial and industrial enterprises in Yunling and ChiaYim, drives the mass access to the internet, and promotes an information technology atmosphere in both the university and local areas.

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